How does it work? 

 Step 1: Tell us about you. It’s a win-win! 

You can earn up to 250 Pitchforks when you finish your Sun Devil Rewards profile by:

  • Connecting your social accounts.
  • Submitting your interests.
  • Providing your address.

Your address helps us give you all the info you need about events and rewards happening near you. Plus, by providing your interests, we may just surprise you with giveaways you’ll love.

Don’t get left out, finish updating your profile in the app today!

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 Step 2: Find secret words 

You’ll find secret words in Sun Devil Rewards push notifications, emails and the Innovation Happens podcast. Social media, too! Follow @SunDevilRewards on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The more you connect, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn. When you find one, tap the secret word tile on the home screen.

Get started with secret word 100Pitchforks.
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 Step 3: Lifetime Pitchforks vs. Pitchforks bank 

If you’re like our other new Sun Devil Rewards members, you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between my lifetime Pitchforks and my Pitchforks bank?”

You know those Pitchforks you’ve earned since the day you signed up? Those are your lifetime Pitchforks. They’ll never go away. Earn 7,500 to level up to Maroon Devil level; earn 15,000 to level up to Gold Devil level.

Think of your Pitchforks bank as your currency to redeem rewards. When you redeem, your bank will decrease, but that won’t affect your lifetime Pitchforks.

And, as an extra bonus: Hit the Maroon Devil level, and you’ll earn five extra Pitchforks on select actions. Reach the Gold Devil level, and make that 10 extra Pitchforks! Fork 'em™, Devil!

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 Step 4: Get rewarded! Connect with Sun Devil Rewards on social media today  

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